Prof. Jaafar Abbas Al , Mamouri

While we appreciate your efforts and outstanding interaction in keeping up with e-learning and seeking us to take the final exams for the first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year……… We guide you to some of the instructions that we hope you will observe and abide by while taking electronic examinations through the electronic platform and as follows:

  1. The student's obligation to take the exam in a separate place.
  2. The exam date begins according to the announced timings of the practical and theoretical examinations according to the tables prepared for the courses prepared by each scientific department.
  3. The student's answer is through an electronic device such as (computer, tablet or mobile).
  4. The adoption of the electronic platform as a Google Classroom in the performance of the electronic exam and the questions will be automatically sent in the classroom according to the time timings and each subject according to the exam tables of the scientific section.
  5. The pattern of questions shall be based on the methodology of the subject and the evaluation of the teaching and the scientific department, which may require preparation in the form of the kukel form or pdf format according to the following:
  6. The answer is directly in the platform (Class Room) according to the context used in the growth that has already been used by the student in the performance of activities, examinations and duties.
  7. In the case of the PDF question form (it may be used from some scientific sections): It is required here to create the model of the notebook sent to you by the scientific department and is sent by the student once the answer is completed and during the specified time of the exam directly through the class room platform itself by photographing the exam papers using a camera either mobile or any other tablet and be delivered by downloading the book papers in PDF format and this method is binding for the student/student to perform the exam 

Here, the student must:

  • Number all exam book papers and write the name on each signed paper and other information by handwriting.
  • Sending a photocopy of a university identity or other identity knowing (civil status identity or national card) if the student cannot obtain a university identity and is clearly defined with the name and handwritten signature proved in the last paper of the exam book.
  • When answered, blue dry pen or pencil are used in the case of sports matters or fees.
  • We stress to the student when there is a technical defect such as a power outage or a power outage, please do not refresh or compress (Refresh) on the exam page until the internet returns to avoid losing the questions or answers sent.
  • The student must prepare some technical matters as much as possible to maintain communication with the exam committee to ensure that the exam performance process is conducted by providing an energy source or ups equipped to ensure that the Internet service continues when the power is out during the electronic exam.
  • Requires all students to adopt the exam book form sent to them from the scientific departments, and is placed under the hand in case of any emergency or defect that we may need to use during the examinations.
  • The examination committee is contacted or with the head of the department according to the figures known by the exam committee and announced to you by the scientific department to treat emergencies if any.
  • Stay away from any attempt to cheat or communicate during the performance of electronic exams because the exams are Open Book allows the student to answer based on his or her study sources, and the striking answers will be monitored by the exam committees and will take fundamentalist measures in accordance with the exam instructions against the student/student who is proven to try to cheat.

The exam committee apologizes for receiving the answer after the exam time has expired.