Our Faculty of Science hosted an advanced seminar for the Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance at wasit University, which discussed ways to improve the sober scientific work and the subject of self-evaluation of the teaching professor, curriculum and scientific subject, as well as the seminar touched on publishing in international journals such as Skubas and Clarivet as well as the role of International publishing and scientific classifications worldwide attended by A.M. Al-Adhibh, Scientific Assistant and A.M.D. Ali Mahdi, Administrative Assistant to the President of Wasit University and Dean of the Faculty of Science A.D. Abdul Abbas and Dr. Fida Al Mawla, Dean of the Faculty of Literature Dr. Faiq Jamil, Scientific Assistant and Dr. Zahir Nasser, Administrative Assistant to the Faculty of Science and Heads of Scientific Departments in wasit University Colleges vision, optimism and sincere efforts of our university Wasit to upgrade the classification of our university Wasit in scientific research in the global publishing of advanced universities Iraqi

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