Educational and psychological unit (EPU)

This unit provides comprehensive evidence-based psychological evaluations and cares for the students of our college. Our mission at this unit is to provide support and resources that will help increase academic, emotional, psychological advice, and social development within the college.

We welcome direct contact with the members of the educational and psychological committee because we understand the importance of prompt communication, and we strive to respond quickly to any request from our students.

Members of EPU

Dr. Nidhal Hasseb Fleefil (Lecture) – Head of EPU

Dr. Oday Jawad Kadhim (Lecturer) – Member

Dr. Atheer Abdulsahib Ali (Lecturer) – Member

Dr. Rafed Abbas Kadhum (Lecturer) – Member

Mr. Mohammed Aassi Samer (Assist Lecturer) – Member

Mr. Sattar Obaid Maiws (Lecturer) – Member

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